‘New York is Dead. Don't Come Back’ - Williamsburg-based art collective's campaign sends strong message

"New York is dead. Don't come back," are the words now up on a Sunset Boulevard billboard in Los Angeles, California.

News 12 Staff

Jan 31, 2021, 9:19 PM

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"New York is dead. Don't come back," are the words now up on a Sunset Boulevard billboard in Los Angeles, California. 
It’s the work of the Williamsburg-based art collective, The Locker Room – and also put the same words on a billboard in Miami.
The artists behind this campaign say it's not just for those who moved out of New York during the coronavirus pandemic. 
"The premise of it is that in fact, the opposite is true in that New York is definitely not dead and that the cultural flame of the city is very much alive and well,” said Samara Bliss. 
The artists say any New Yorkers who might not have loved their campaign, should be on the lookout for their New York campaign, which is set to happen soon.
The Locker Room will also have a gallery show in March -- showcasing art from this campaign.

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