Newly redesigned $8.5 million off-ramp opens in Olinville

A newly redesigned off-ramp in the Bronx aimed at keeping people safe and traffic moving is now open.
After consistent traffic problems and safety concerns at an Olinville off-ramp, something's finally been done.

Now as cars going north on the Bronx River Parkway approach the exit for Gun Hill Road, they have their own designated exit lane, marked with a white dotted line
The state's Department of Transportation completed the project last week after five years of planning and 15 months of construction.

"Safety is a key issue. We took a look at this location, and said we can make this much better," says Diane Park, of the NYS Department of Transportation.

Now cars waiting to exit have almost a half-mile lane all to themselves. 

Many drivers are on board, especially one man who's lived in the area for more than a decade

"Definitely I think it's a good thing. Having that lane there is definitely going to create more order," says Xavier Williams, of Olinville.

He says he believes the $8.5 million cost was worth it, as his wife was just in a car accident trying to get onto the parkway near the same spot.

"You can't put a price tag on that because loss of life, there's nothing you can do to replace that," says Williams.

There are also new guard rails, trees, signage, drainage features and a pedestrian path. Plus, the wide former grassy median is now a narrower concrete barrier to keep three lanes headed north.

People in the area are hoping for even more changes like this one.
"We need to see more of this in the community," says Patrick Sterrart, of Olinville.