NYPD: 17-year-old boy shot in leg near Fordham University

Police responded near Fordham University to a shooting that injured a 17-year-old Monday afternoon.
News 12 was told that a 17-year-old boy attending a nearby high school was rushed to the hospital.
The gunshots were fired at the corner of Bathgate Avenue and East Fordham Road just before class was dismissed.
The NYPD says the teen was shot in the leg around 3 p.m. but is expected to be OK.
Police said the suspect fled eastbound on Fordham Road in a dark-colored Dodge SUV.
They say three others were inside that car.
One high school student told News 12 that he and his classmates spent most of the afternoon in lockdown.
Police are still actively investigating.
Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call police or Fordham Public Safety.
The university told News 12 the shooting was not related to its campus.