NYPD: 2 suspects on the loose after shots fired on Jamaica Ave., Wyona St.

Police say shots were fired and police officers crashed into a parked car in the Jamaica Avenue and Wyona Street area Wednesday morning.

News 12 Staff

Nov 3, 2021, 10:56 AM

Updated 957 days ago


Police initially said the officers who were inside of the car were shot at. Police now say at least one of officers inside of the cruiser fired their weapon, but it’s unclear if the people inside of the SUV fired any shots.
This all initially started on the Jackie Robinson Parkway near Jamaica Avenue where police tried to stop a vehicle which apparently fled.
According to officers, at around 4:13 a.m. Wednesday, police were in the area for an unrelated investigation but encountered a vehicle that matched the description of an SUV they say was wanted for reckless endangerment.
The NYPD says officers spotted what they thought was the car and try to pull the SUV over. The driver allegedly stopped short causing the officers to rear end the SUV at the intersection of Jamaica Avenue and Wyona Street.
Police say one of the officers got out of the cruiser and say the person in the SUV revved their engine, making the officer think that they were going to hit the officer and at least one of the officers fired their weapon.
News 12 is told the people inside the SUV got out and took off running.
Two officers are in the hospital being treated for minor injuries.

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