NYPD: Man critically injured during Kinsgbridge stabbing

Police said a man is in critical condition and a suspect is in custody after a dispute led to a stabbing in Kingsbridge on Saturday.
They said the incident happened along Kinsgbridge Road and Briggs Street, right across from the Bronx Library Center.
Most of the intersection was tapped and a News 12 crew on the scene observed some flipflops and bikes abandoned, but it was not clear if the items belonged to the victim or suspect.
Investigators said the victim was 19 years old and he was stabbed in the neck after a dispute.
He was taken to a hospital where he is in critical condition.
As of Saturday night, there was no word as to what the dispute was about, but police said they have a suspect in custody.
A few people who spoke to News 12 off camera said the area where the stabbing occurred is rather turbulent.