NYPD: Man on the loose after striking police officer, multiple vehicles with a car

A police hunt is underway for a man that struck a police officer after officials say they found him switching license plates in Kingsbridge Heights.
According to the NYPD, the suspect was changing plates with a parked car in front of his vehicle, which police described as a BMW in front of 2287 Loring Ave. The officers approached the man, and that's when the suspect got into his car and attempted to get away. In the attempt, he crashed into a police car and the car he attempted to switch plates with.
Authorities say a third police car was hit as that suspect tried to get away and that an officer got out of the car and was hit, injuring his right leg.
The man driving the BMW got away and even hit an additional six parked cars. The car was found abandoned on White Plains Road and Morris Park Avenue without the suspect inside it. There is no word on his current location.
The officer who was struck was taken to the hospital and was later released.