Suspect dies in police-involved shooting near Belt Parkway

A 65-year-old man is dead after a police-involved shooting in Brooklyn Thursday night. 
The NYPD says after 4 p.m., a uniformed officer stopped a speeding grey Jeep Cherokee traveling eastbound on the Belt Parkway in the vicinity of Bay Eighth Street exit.
They say when the officer approached the vehicle. The male then sped away, traveling eastbound. The officer followed the car and positioned the unmarked car in front of his vehicle, according to police. 
The NYPD says the 65-year-old man then rear ended the officer's car in the vicinity of the Verrazano Bridge and continued east, driving on the Belt Parkway without stopping. 
Police say when the vehicle stopped, the man, who was the sole occupant of the vehicle, exited the Jeep and went to the back seat, pulling out a firearm and making advances towards the officers.
The officers exited their vehicles and gave numerous verbal commands for the man to drop the gun, according to police. They say the man continued to advance towards the officers. and that’s when officers fired multiple rounds at the man, striking him multiple times. 
At the time, police say they believe the suspect's gun may have been aimed at officers, pointing it up and down. 
The 65-year-old suspect has seven prior arrests, mostly vehicular crimes in the past, according to police.