NYPD: Suspect stole shtreimel from man in Borough Park; probed as hate crime

The NYPD is investigating the robbery of a man’s shtreimel in Borough Park as a hate crime.
Police say the incident occurred on 53rd Street during Saturday afternoon. Footage of the crime shows the victim and a man on a moped having a conversation.
The victim was wearing a shtreimel, which is a fur hat worn by some members of the Jewish community on religious holidays.
After the two seem to go their separate ways, the suspect on the moped drives up and snatches the shtreimel off the victim’s head.
There is currently no word if the suspect was caught. However, police say they are investigating the incident as a hate crime.
This incident comes amid a rise in hate crimes directed at Jewish individuals following the start of the Israel-Hamas war.
Mayor Eric Adams addressed the issue earlier this week and promised to assign extra security to Jewish events during the holiday season.