Oradell Borough Hall damaged by heavy rain; polling location moved to senior center

Powerful thunderstorms greatly impacted New Jersey on Tuesday, including at a polling location in Bergen County.
Tuesday was New Jersey’s primary election. Voting was taking place at the Oradell Borough Hall, but the roof gave way because of the heavy rain. Voting was then moved to the Oradell Senior Center.
Tuesday’s storms caused thousands of power outages and left trees and utility poles damaged.
Inspectors in Oradell were checking the building Tuesday evening to see if it would be safe for people to enter. Poll workers say that they saw the damage happen.
“I walk in and I see water cascading down. I said, 'I guess there’s a flood.’ The police chief comes around and says, ‘Everybody out. Everybody out,’” the poll worker said.
The senior center was set up with provision ballots and the voting machines were moved inside. No one was hurt and everyone was evacuated safely.
Oradell officials say that the voting data was preserved.