Police: 9 people arrested during Black Lives Matter protest in Downtown Brooklyn

Nine people were arrested at a Black Lives Matter protest in Downtown Brooklyn Saturday, police say.
The protest started outside the Barclays Center, which has been an epicenter of racial justice protests during the summer.
Hundreds of protesters came together calling for equal rights, saying their message of justice is incomparable to the message that rioters were sending during the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.
One protester tells News 12 that he believes Black Lives Matter protesters are treated unfairly by police.
“We’re under attack every time we peacefully protest,” says Desmond. “Supremacists run up on the Capitol, kill police officers, steal documents and they still make it back home. We don’t even make it off the streets.”
Saturday’s protest followed a protest that took place earlier in the week where people stood in solidarity following a fatal police-involved shooting of a Black man named Andre Hill in Ohio.
One witness says they were flashed with a gun by an NYPD officer when someone yelled “How come you don’t have a mask?”
Some are now calling for that officer’s firing with a petition.
The charges against the arrested protesters is currently unknown.
Police responded to the protests and the incident involving the officer, saying, “We are aware of the incident and it remains under internal investigation.”