Police: Jewish man assaulted, robbed on way to Flatbush synagogue

Police are probing the assault and robbery of a Jewish man on his way to a synagogue on Avenue J and New York Avenue around 5:30 a.m. Friday in Flatbush.
The attack prompted a tweet from Gov. Andrew Cuomo saying, "To our Jewish community—I know this is exhausting. No one should have to worry about being attacked for their religious beliefs, ever. We will continue to fight against hate in all its forms."
On Sunday, a press conference was held with Jewish community leaders and the Guardian Angels, who denounced the attack.
Synagogue member Mark Schriber said, "I think we have to condemn hate wherever it is, no matter what community it happens to, especially if it's race or religion-related."
This weekend marked Tisha B'av, a Jewish holiday for mourning Jewish lives lost to hate.