Police release surveillance video of possible suspect in fatal shooting of 27-year-old

Police have narrowed down a suspect involved in a homicide of a 27-year-old man Sunday morning.
Police released new video of the man authorities are searching for.
Surveillance video shows the victim’s final moments as a man walks up to him and pulls out a gun.
Police say 27-year-old Ezequiel Rivera seemed to be walking when a man wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt is seen pulling out a gun and firing at the victim before walking away.
News 12 is told Rivera was shot in the chest just after 9 a.m. near Brucker Boulevard and Rosedale Avenue. EMS rushed him to the hospital, but he didn’t survive his injuries. News 12 is told the victim lived about five minutes from where he was killed on Story Avenue.
Anyone with information is asked to call police.