Police: Scammer stole over $1,000 from Bridgeport nonprofit

Bridgeport police say a local nonprofit organization was targeted by a scammer.
Pastor Ramona Godbolt is head of Camilla’s Closet, an organization that distributes free clothing to women trying to get jobs. She says she wanted to buy a community outreach van for the organization’s efforts.
She says she had found the van on Facebook Marketplace and had dealt with the seller before, so she had no problem giving him a $1,500 cash deposit. However, police say the man absconded with the money.
"You know, I'm panicking. I was was scared to tell anybody because when you do things on the Marketplace, it's at your own risk," Godbolt says.
Bridgeport police, who are investigating this incident, say there are a few key steps to use to ensure a safe transaction.
They say to always use a cashier's check that can be canceled and traced and to tell the seller. Also, you can make the exchange in the front lobby of the Bridgeport Police Department, which is open 24 hours a day.
Godbolt says the theft not only affects her organization, but it also affects all the women who benefit from the help she gives.
To help Camilla's Closet, you can call 929-368-8885.