Police source: NYPD officers on high alert after 41st Precinct threatened

Police officers in the Bronx are on high alert after a source confirmed that a memo went out to officers Thursday night which revealed that the 41st Precinct was threatened.
It has been less than a week since two officers were shot in the Bronx, including a lieutenant at the 41 Precinct.
The police source says there is a credible threat that someone may try to shoot a member of the NYPD.
The memo was sent out department-wide, warning officers to be "vigilant and alert." The Sergeants Benevolent Association tweeted a picture of that memo, calling it an “NYPD cops assassination threat.”
The tweet also reads that "station house security must be posted on all tours.”

Just two days ago a video surfaced of a man wearing a masking spray painting the side of a patrol car in the middle of the day saying "help us" near River Avenue and East 153rd Street. Authorities are still looking for that person.
Police have arrested and charged 45-year-old Robert Williams for the double police shooting last weekend. He is being held behind bars without bail.
Williams appeared in court Friday and a sea of officers was seen packing the hallway at the Bronx Courthouse. Family members were heard yelling "we love you" as Williams was escorted out.
He is due back in court on March 6 for the arraignment on the indictment.