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Police: Tens of thousands of dollars stolen in Belmont apartment robbery

The NYPD is tracking down two people who broke into a Belmont apartment and stole tens of thousands of dollars.

News 12 Staff

Sep 15, 2022, 9:45 PM

Updated 641 days ago


The NYPD is tracking down two people who broke into a Belmont apartment and stole tens of thousands of dollars.  
Surveillance video shows the thieves using a crowbar and kicking the door to bust it open. The door eventually gives and they enter the apartment. The video then shows them leaving the apartment with a large box that police say contained over $25,000.  
Police say no one was home at the time of the incident. They say the two suspects fled in a white Toyota Corolla with tinted windows and no front license plate. The vehicle was last seen going south on Washington Avenue.  
In the Bronx, burglaries are up 38% to date compared to 2021. Burglaries are up 28% for the 48th Precinct in the same time frame compared to last year.  
“It makes me feel like I’m not safe, it makes me feel like my community needs to bring more attention to what’s going on,” said Marie Roulajc, a local resident. “It's shameful, it makes me panic, as a female, as a mother, you don't want to be entering the building and bump into a situation like that.” 

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