Police: West Hempstead man out on bail charged in string of robberies

A West Hempstead man who was out on bail is now being charged in a string of robberies in Nassau County.
Police arrested Carl Esposito in December after he was accused of attempting to burglarize a nail salon in Valley Stream.
Detectives say they later connected him to five other burglaries in December 2021 alone.
Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder is also blaming New York's bail reform laws for Esposito's alleged repeat offenses.
"We know changes will come, we believe the people that are in office now are doing the right things and the pressure that go up to Albany will come back and make changes," Ryder says.
News 12 is told the 58-year-old previously has been arrested 38 times with 36 convictions.
Esposito is scheduled to return to court next week.