Poughkeepsie HS remains closed after Monday’s shooting

Poughkeepsie High School remains closed today after gunshots were fired near the school on Monday.
In a letter to the community, the district is planning to have more police at the school and hire additional safety staff.
A scheduled half-day of classes was canceled yesterday as well.
City of Poughkeepsie police say they took in a 13-year-old boy that had an unloaded firearm in the area of Daniels Court, where a witness said the shooter ran to. The teen now faces gun charges.
A neighbor says they heard the moment shots were fired. "We all heard the shots. We all looked out the window. 10 minutes later you see the streets got blocked off. It's just a surprise…a shock. I mean it's so close to kids," says Brian Zarate, of Poughkeepsie.