Power & Politics: Republican candidate says GOP can bring change to 15th District

With a fight on tap in the 15th Congressional District on the Democratic side, there's a candidate on the other side of the aisle that says he shouldn't be overlooked.
The people of the Bronx have historically voted for Democratic candidates. But Patrick Delices says it's time for change, and he think the change will come from the Republican side of the aisle.
"A candidate such as myself that can provide people of the Bronx with economic empowerment, with job training, with educational access and affordability, so I will focus on economic empowerment by bringing jobs to the people of the Bronx," says Delices. "When you provide people with economics, economic empowerment, economic resources, what happens? Crime goes down. What happens? People could afford education. People have access to housing and could afford housing so economics will solve our problem."
Delices says name recognition in the election doesn't equal progress. He says other names in the race have not moved the Bronx forward.
If Delices secures the Republican nomination, he'll face the winner of the Democratic primary in November 2020.