Steamy and hazy weather settles in the Bronx

President Biden announces Cross Bronx Expressway to be fixed as part of nearly $5 billion fund

The plan also aims to improve transportation for people on both sides of the Bronx River while aiming to improve travel times for those driving through.

Heather Fordham and Adolfo Carrion

Jan 25, 2024, 10:40 PM

Updated 145 days ago


President Joe Biden announced that nearly $5 billion will be used to fund transportation projects across the country, including the Cross Bronx Expressway.  
The expressway has been a headache for Bronx residents and those passing through for years. One of the areas of focus is the area around Rosedale Avenue, which consistently sees heavy congestion.  
A total of $150 million in federal funding is being awarded to the New York state Department of Transportation for the improvements, which including a multipurpose connector roadway with a dedicated bus lane, bike paths, and better pedestrian infrastructure.  
The plan also aims to improve transportation for people on both sides of the Bronx River while shortnening travel times for those driving through.  
In 2016, Loving the Bronx kicked off a campaign called “Cap The Cross Bronx” that looked at existing below-grade portions of the Cross Bronx that do not need to be opened. There are often pollutants that find their way into the local neighborhoods.
“We’re very excited that this work is going forward, however,we do have concerns on how this is going to impact the environment,” said Nilka Martell, founder and director of Loving The Bronx. “We just want to advocate to these state agencies and city agencies that are planning this really engage the people who are most impacted by this.”
Rep. Ritchie Torres and Sen. Chuck Schumer say $2 million will be used for a feasibility study to study the option of Capping the Cross Bronx. The project has since been passed to the state DOT, which has renamed the project Reimagining the Cross Bronx.
Gov. Kathy Hochul agreed with Biden’s decision, saying in a statement, in part:  
“Big things are happening in the South Bronx and we have every intention of keeping that momentum going – something that this new grant and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will help us do”.  
The money will also go toward replacing five bridges from Boston Road to Rosedale Avenue. The work is expected to start on these projects in 2026.  

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