Bill would bring health inspection letter grades to school cafeterias

Could your school's cafeteria be getting graded on their cleanliness? City Council may vote to require health inspection letter grades from local schools.

News 12 Staff

Apr 18, 2022, 2:34 PM

Updated 790 days ago


School cafeterias could soon be graded. But instead of math, science or reading, their test subject will be cleanliness.  
Council Member Rafael Salamanca introduced a bill in City Council last week that would give the Department of Health or another department the power to grade school cafeterias.  
He says that he wants schools to be held to the same standards as restaurants and food carts.  
If the bill passes, cafeterias will receive a grade and then the school would have to post the grade somewhere visible. If the grade is C or below, the Department of Education would need to inform parents.  
The idea came from visiting schools and talking to staff and parents who said it’s important to make sure the children are receiving quality food year-round. 
Salamanca also tells News 12 that the consequences of failing grades and even the frequency of these inspections are still being negotiated.  
As for the bill itself, it's awaiting a hearing with the City Council’s Education Committee.  

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