Prosecutors: No plea deals yet for remaining 'Junior' defendants

The next set of defendants in the Lesandro "Junior" Guzman Feliz waived their scheduled court appearance Tuesday.
They are being charged with murder in the hacking death of the 15-year-old outside a Belmont bodega. Judge Robert Neary adjourned the case until Jan. 9. Neary says this is when they will discuss disposition and set a trial date if need be.
In June, following the conviction of the first five defendants, Assistant District Attorney Morgan Dolan said she was open to discussing plea deals for the remaining men on trial. The potential offer is manslaughter in the first-degree instead of murder in the second-degree.
On Tuesday, Dolan says deals have not yet been made. The six defendants are accused of taking part in the chase of Junior before he was stabbed to death by the Trinitarios gang in June 2018.
Diego Suero and Frederick Then, the suspected "shot-callers" are being tried separately. Kevin Alvarez also has a court date set for Jan. 9.
Alvarez struck a deal with the DA and pleaded guilty to manslaughter to testify against his fellow gang members. If the DA determines he was truthful during the trials, he will be sentenced only to time served on his conspiracy charge.
Jury selection for Suero and Then is tentatively set to begin on Friday.