Residents: Homeless create public health issue

Some residents in Hunts Point say the homeless population underneath the Sheridan Expressway is causing a public health issue.
Residents say the overpass is used as a shelter for the homeless.
News 12 found dozens of used hypodermic needles on the ground near the location, which is less than a block away from a playground and elementary school.
A concerned resident who did not want to be identified says that he called his local police precinct and 311 to report the problem. He says that the problem has not been resolved.
The Department of Homeless Services told News 12 that "our No. 1 priority is to ensure the safety of our clients and the surrounding community. This location is owned by the state Department of Transportation, and we are working closely with them, [the] NYPD, and other critical partners to quickly and safely clean up the area."