Residents rally against development of new exit ramp in Co-op City on Hutchinson River Parkway

A new exit ramp could be in the works in Co-op City from the Hutchinson River Parkway, and several residents came together Saturday to loudly express their opposition.
News 12's Julio Avila was at the rally Saturday and spoke to attendees of the event.
"You're going to increase the traffic here. You're going to increase carcinogens and toxic fumes into the community," said Co-op City resident Rod Saunders.
Residents weren't the only people who expressed opposition to the development project.
"Do something creative with I-95 and leave the Hutchinson River Parkway alone. There's no need for it and it's not going to help anywhere else," stated Rep. Michael R. Benedetto.
In the end, the rally provided an opportunity for residents to come together and agree to disagree on the new exit ramp.