Residents: University Avenue crosswalk incomplete

An incomplete crosswalk along a stretch of University Avenue has some Bronx residents concerned that pedestrians could be injured or killed in a car-pedestrian accident.
People who live near University Avenue at Eames Place say pedestrian-crossing ramps were installed along the sidewalks more than two years ago, but a crosswalk was never painted, and there is no stop sign or traffic light.
Drivers may not realize that the intersection is a crosswalk and speed past the area.
"The speed limit is 25 and they go 45," says one resident. "No guards, no lines, no signs," says another.
John Rivera has lived in the area for 27 years and says that he has gotten a few tickets for parking in front of the ramp, but he was able to get them dismissed because the crosswalk isn't clearly marked. "It's placed there, and it should've been completed," he says.
A Department of Transportation spokesperson says the department hasn't received any complaints about the crosswalk or intersection, but adds that it will assess the intersection.