Riverdale homeowners: Empty newspaper stands littered with trash

Riverdale residents are frustrated at the amount of garbage piling up in old newspaper stands.
Neighbors say when the "Riverdale Review" newspaper went out of business last year, people started treating the empty news stands like a trash receptacle. 
Barbara Mann says the community is generally clean but she's worried the garbage is going to become a health hazard.
News 12 spotted ants surrounding a stand in a busy area.
"There's a lot of foot traffic here," Mann said. "People come, also the buses are right here so it's like a busy strip so there should be garbage cans on either corner."
Rep. Jeffrey Dinowitz tells News 12 he is working with the Department of Sanitation and Transportation to fix the issue.
"Ultimately it is a tiny number of slobs who are putting their trash in the boxes instead of in a garbage can where it belongs," Dinowitz said. "To those litterbugs--I ask that you take a look at yourself in the mirror and think about the selfish and lazy behavior you are engaging in and cut it out."
News 12 reached out to the Department of Transportation and is awaiting a response.