Road Trip: Bronx's Highbridge Water Tower tours

News 12 headed to the newly restored Highbridge Water Tower in the Bronx.
The revitalized structure was built in 1872 and once held 47,000 gallons of water. It was an addition to the old Croton Aqueduct to help pump fresh water across the city. The tower was restored just over a year ago and is open for visitors to climb 200 feet to the top of the 19th century landmark.
"The water tower was added as well to increase that water pressure so that water could go all the way up to the sixth floor of apartments and people could use it to fight fires, help make sure the streets were cleaner," says Urban Park Ranger Nick Baisley.
Inside the tower, the architecture transports visitors back to the age of medieval churches and castles. Those who overcome the 170 stairs will be met with the city skyline and nature.
Visitors can take a ranger-led tour of the Highbridge Water Tower. They're offered a few times a month throughout the year.