Seniors facing potential eviction seek legal help with new law expansion

Seniors facing potential eviction from their NYCHA apartments are now able to get legal help through a new law expansion.
The new "Right To Counsel" law expansion was passed back in 2017.
City Council members Vanessa Gibson and Ritchie Torres announced Friday what they're calling the "Right To Counsel 2.0."
Now, seniors in public housing who are 62 or older, are head of their household and meet income requirements can get free legal assistance for their NYCHA eviction cases.
This expansion will provide free legal representation for eligible tenants from the beginning of their case through the end. They say this will help keep families together and prevent displacement.
Since the law was passed two years ago, data provided by the council members show that 84 percent of tenants who had a lawyer under the law were able to stay in their homes.
The law will now be implemented in 20 New York City zip codes and will be fully phased in by 2022.