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NYPD: Person of interest in custody for series of stabbings of at least five people

Police are working to connect the four stabbing incidents to other attacks, including one that took place at the Myrtle Avenue subway station.

Mary-Lyn Buckley and Adolfo Carrion

Jan 17, 2024, 10:53 PM

Updated 184 days ago


The NYPD has confirmed that a person of interest is now in police custody in connection to the series of stabbings that have injured at least four women and one man.
A connection has yet to be confirmed between the Myrtle Avenue stabbing that took place in Bed-Stuy and those five stabbings that took place in Queens, but police are investigating that possible connection at this hour.
Police officers have confirmed that the five stabbings they say happened in the Rochdale Village section of Queens are all connected to this suspect. The suspect was seen on surveillance video released by the NYPD with a knife and was wearing a green jacket.
One of his victims was a woman who he approached from behind between 158th Street and 134th Avenue and stabbed in the torso. Three other women and one man were the victims of his attacks.

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