State budget proposal would charge residents to park on their neighborhood streets

A state budget proposal plans to start charging residents for a permit to park on neighborhood streets.  
This is an effort to deter out-of-town parkers and also raise more money for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.  
If the plan gets approved, New York City residents would have to start paying for a permit to be able to park on their own streets overnight. It’s said that this plan would help make it easier for drivers to find parking in their community.  
The proposal, supported by state Senate Deputy Majority Leader Mike Gianaris, would charge residents a $30 monthly fee for a parking permit. That money would go towards funding the city’s public transit system.  
The state Senate estimated that this could possibly generate $400 million for the MTA annually. 
Only cars with New York plates could register for these permits, making it harder on commuters from out of state to find parking on residential roads. 
The plan currently remains in the early stages on the budget proposal. If approved, the city would choose how and in which neighborhoods this plan would be implemented in.