State of Our Schools: Educators petition city for smaller class sizes

Teachers have talked about the issue of crowded classrooms for years. As part of two days of action, they are petitioning the city to make this happen. 
Educators say it is not just about the learning experience anymore. After dealing with COVID-19, it is also a health concern. 
The bill they are hoping to pass would set limits on how many teachers and kids are allowed in each classroom. 
Greg Monte, a teacher at RFK High School, says lowering the ratio of students to teacher would help with several issues. 
“There are fewer disciplinary issues, learning issues are better addressed,” says Monte. “Kids enjoy learning more when we can learn in a closer environment.” 
A vote on the bill in the City Council was supposed to happen in November, but never did. 
Teachers hope the two days of action will grab the attention of Council Speaker Corey Johnson before the new council is sworn in this January.