State police: More than 200,000 expected to apply for concealed carry permit in NJ

The state of New Jersey is expecting a surge of people to apply for concealed carry permits following the United States Supreme Court’s ruling last week making it easier for people to carry a weapon outside of their homes.
Long Shot Pistol and Rifle in Secaucus sells guns, is a shooting range, and has gun training classes. Owner Kevin Guarderas says they're already getting more calls from people interested in what they have to do to get that concealed carry permit.
Acting New Jersey State Police Superintendent Col. Patrick Callahan said on Friday that he expects more than 200,000 people to apply for a permit. Currently only 1,000 are issued in New Jersey.
The Supreme Court’s ruling last week removes the justifiable need clause, which had kept many from applying in the past because that need was hard to prove.
But those in the firearm industry say that while they are happy about the ruling and looking forward to carrying, they remind others it's not going to be an easy process to get that permit.
"For people who think I’m a good shooter I'll take the exam and I'll apply and get in,’ and they're going to face a new reality very soon. We - when I say we - owners of ranges, of schools and stores - we are taking it seriously because this is our one shot,” Guarderas says.
Guarderas says that all other qualifications and requirements to own a firearm are still in effect. This includes training, testing and getting references.
Long Shot Pistol and Rifle will be offering those classes. They are also waiting for more guidance as they help their customers prepare to earn those concealed carry permits.