Teachers, UFT hold rally across Bronx, Brooklyn for fair contracts

Educators will rally across the city today demanding fair contracts from the New York City Department of Education.
The rallies will happen today across the five boroughs starting after school at 3:30 p.m. The Bronx rally will be held in Virginia Park and the Brooklyn rally will be held outside of Brooklyn Borough Hall.
The United Federation of Teachers says their members should be fairly compensated for going above and beyond in academics as well as providing a caring and inclusive environment for their students.
The union says they have been trying to negotiate a contract with the Department of Education since last fall. The previous contract expired in Sept. 2022.
In addition to fair pay, educators want more control over how they serve their students along with more self-directed time in the classroom and fewer administrative obstacles.
A survey of their members showed that 87% agreed that administrative tasks get in the way of their student's learning.
News 12 reached out to the New York City Department of Education for their thoughts on the teacher's demands and have yet to hear back.