Throggs Neck Houses tenants ‘trapped at home’ without working elevator

Tenants at a building in the Throggs Neck Houses say they are stuck inside their homes because service to their only elevator was cut.
The elevator at 28-15 Schley Ave. stopped working more than a month ago.
Milagros Franco, who relies on a wheelchair to get around ever since her legs were amputated, had to get down three flights of stairs on her own to make it to a doctor’s appointment earlier this week.
Representatives at the New York City Housing Authority say water damage caused structural issues in the building, forcing them to stop service on May 23. 
These issues are now forcing tenants at the Throggs Neck Houses building to take the stairs to get to their apartments.

Donna Martin suffers from multiple respiratory illnesses. She requested assistance from staff to bring her groceries to her sixth-floor apartment, which NYCHA says is an option for all impacted residents.

According to the housing authority, construction is set to begin in July.
Those who say they're trapped at home until the elevator is working wonder when it will be complete.
In a statement, NYCHA told News 12, "The safety of our residents is of upmost importance to us. Our staff is available to assist residents who need help while we also complete necessary structural repairs and fully restore service in a timely manner."