We're Open: Lips Café in East Flatbush

A mother and son wanted their new café as more than a coffee shop. Lattes, juices and Caribbean-infused dishes - all are available at the Lips Café in East Flatbush.
Jamane Weekes noticed an empty storefront a few years ago remembering that he talked with his mother about starting a business.
"That was actually her lip brand from a fashion label that she started," Weekes says.
Lips Café was born in Nov. 2019. It serves lots of caffeinated drinks and pastries or sandwiches like a classic bacon, egg and cheese. Its mission is more than food and beverages.
"We don't serve coffee, we serve community," Weekes explains. "We give different artists space here. To kids, it functions as a gallery. Even with the food, we give different pastry chefs an opportunity. We sometimes give a day to different chefs so they can like provide their cuisines and takeover this space to do that."
It's that sense of community that makes Miri a regular customer.
"The art, the community, everything they stand for really and honestly the quality of the coffee. Coffee is really big in my culture. I really haven't had anything as good as my mom's coffee and this equals that," Miri says.
Now that the business has its liquor license, starting Friday, you can get an extra kick in your coffee.
Weekes is always looking for more ways to make the Nostrand Avenue shop a home away from home.