We're Open: Maracuja in Brooklyn

The décor in Maracuja might be decades old, but there's nothing stale about it. The Williamsburg bar in Brooklyn has been a local hangout for 20 years but recently got some upgrades.
"It's for everybody. You can get a $5 tecate or you can get a rad bottle of natural wine at dive bar prices," says Erik Plambeck, co-owner of Maracuja.
Since about 2001, Maracuja, which means passionfruit in Portuguese, was owned by Charlie and Connie. Right before the pandemic in 2020, Erik Plambeck and his business partner took over.
"We literally got the keys March 23."
The owners wanted to retain a lot of the history and culture of the original space with some pieces dating back to the 1940s.
"You preserve as much as you can of what came before you and try to impose or impart a little bit of yourself just to continue to give it life and make it feel alive."
Plambeck added his own touch by placing a bigger light over the pool table and reopened the kitchen with an experienced executive chef well-versed in Spanish cuisine.
Another bonus is the patio area that's accessible through a secret door.
"People got married back here it's just a magical wonderful space."
The building once housed a haberdashery as well as a Lithuanian social club. The sign still visible outside. Now as a neighborhood bar, they serve food until midnight to make sure locals have a late-night spot to enjoy.