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World’s largest trial of 4-day workweek shows overwhelming positive feedback from employees

Among the 61 companies that took part in the study, 56 of them will continue to implement the four-day workweek following the conclusion of the trial.

Feb 21, 2023, 10:26 PM

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Many people are kicking off their four-day workweek after receiving a day off for Presidents Day – but for some companies, four-day workweeks may become the norm.  
Results of the world’s largest trial of the shortened workweek were released on Tuesday morning. A total of 61 companies in the United Kingdom ran a six-month trial including nearly 3,000 employees. Worker’s wages remained the same despite the one fewer day of work every week. 
The results – 56 of the 61 trial companies will continue to use the four-day workweek model for now, while 18 of those 61 companies have announced that they will be permanently shortening their workweek.  
Workers reported significant changes to their personal lives, with nearly 75% of them saying they were happier with their lives, and 71% of them saying they feel less burnt out by the shorter workweek. 
Approximately 85% of the workers in the trial reported better sleep, and 54% reported less of a work-family conflict as a result of having to work one less day per week. All of this is backed by over half of employees saying they reported an increase in their effectiveness at work.  
To top it all off, 15% of the employees that took part in the trial say no amount of money could get them to switch back to the five-day workweek again.  
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