9/11 Day nonprofit aims to turn tragedy into triumph

The nonprofit organization 9/11 Day works to transform the remembrance of 9/11 on the 20th anniversary.
The organization was created six months after the terrorist attacks. They dedicate every Sept. 11 to doing good deeds.
The group was founded by David Paine and his friend, Jay Winuk - whose brother died in the towers.
9/11 Day encourages everyone to do a simple act of kindness, such as dropping cookies off at a fire station or police station.
"All I wanted to see was something good come from that. It was the worst thing I'd seen in my life, and I just didn't like the idea that the terrorists might win,” says Paine. “Jay and I talked about taking the day back and transforming it into a day to do good. The whole idea of it is to ensure that each one of us every 9/11 take time to think about all we have in common. We're not as divided as we think we are."
The website, 911day.org, has a full list of good deed ideas.
For the 20th anniversary, the organization is working with CNN to broadcast an hourlong special featuring stories of those impacted by 9/11.