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Banksy exhibit now open to public

Bansky's exhibit is now open to the public until the end of November

News 12 Staff

Sep 7, 2021, 11:50 AM

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Banksy’s “The Girl with the Red Balloon” or “Rats” are two of the more famous works of art from the artist born in Bristol – and can be seen along with 98 other certified artworks of his at “Banksy: Genius or Vandal” located at 526 6th Ave. in Manhattan.
People streamed in on the first day to see Banksy’s work face to face. Many people weren’t aware that Banksy had another side to his artwork than his street art and graffiti.
“People come to us and say we had no idea that Banksy was doing something else other than outside the streets” says Alexander Nachkebiya, curator of the exhibit. “He has studio pieces and new museum pieces as we call them.”
The street artist does most of his work on private or public spaces that are often painted over quickly. The exhibit sends a photographer to the location whenever a new piece of his appears in order to document and save the work.
The exhibit will be open and running until the end of November.  

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