Bronx’s first official basketball school opens

Several legendary former NBA players were in the Bronx today to officially open the borough's first basketball school.
The Earl Monroe New Renaissance Basketball School is a specialized high school in the Bronx designed for students who want to pursue careers within the sport.
It's named for the Hall of Famer and former New York Knick Earl Monroe, who opened the school with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to welcome staff and students.
Monroe says his school not only caters to basketball but also prepares students for various opportunities outside of just playing the game.    
“They can be a camera person, they can coach, or do stats - any number of things you see that are involved in the game they can do. This is not just basketball, this is sports in general,” said Monroe. 
About 110 students are currently enrolled at the charter school and were chosen through a lottery process. Every year, the charter school plans to add to its enrollment to eventually have 440 students.