Brooklyn residents stay fit during the summer at Linden Park

Many Brooklyn residents visit Linden Park for various reasons, but for some it’s all about fitness.
Fitness trainer Derrick Browne says he comes to Linden park seven days a week.
“It's my ultimate joy to know that I’m helping someone get in shape,” says Browne.
No matter what age, there's something for everyone at Linden Park.
There are numerous basketball courts that can be fun for the whole family or for exercise.
Damian Pitts is the league commissioner at Linden Park and each summer, he hosts basketball players from around the city to enjoy the game he loves.
However, due to coronavirus concerns there will not be any tournaments this summer.

“It’s definitely saddening, but due to the pandemic, it gave us time to reflect. It gave us time to think about what we need to do,” says Pitts.
Pitts says he's happy parks are open and can’t wait to hear the sounds of tournament games again.
“The energy is going to be high. Going into the summer, that April, May, going into June will be essential,” says Pitts.