Citymeals on Wheels bringing food to the elderly during winter weather

New Yorkers are working their way through the snowy and cold weather, and Citymeals on Wheels is still in high gear to bring food to elderly people in need.  
Not even the first snowfall of the season is stopping these heroes who are delivering meals to 22,000 people a day.  
“If they’re not getting this meal, they would not eat,” said Liz Cantillo, director of operations for Citymeals on Wheels. “Some of them are fixed income, they survive on just this one meal a day so it is essential that they receive meals daily.” 
East Side House is one of many partners that help deliver these meals across the five boroughs to eligible New Yorkers age 60 and older – bringing both food and a smile to their homes.  
"For someone to come and give them a meal and just that two to three minutes of human interaction is as valuable as the meal that they're getting,” said Ralph Lozada, operations manager for East Side House.  
If you or someone you know is interested in receiving these meals, click here.