Collective Retreats offers relaxing camping experiences minutes away from New York City

If you're looking for an escape from the concrete jungle or just want to get out of your house, Collective Retreats offers a rustic retreat minutes away from Manhattan.
Guests get to enjoy a high-end camping experience just eight minutes from the ferry on Governor's Island.
Manhattan resident Haley Czuma says it brings her a moment of tranquility.
"It's just so much fun. It's so relaxing. It's completely different than you know being in the city, like, it's the perfect escape," Czuma says.
And there are views you can't put a price on.
"Being able to wake up and open up your tent and see just the most gorgeous view and having the sunset," she adds.
The setup is suitable even for those who don't want to rough it.
"So, we have full HVAC, air conditioning and heat, heated blankets for when it gets chilly. We do cooking classes, a full bar and s'mores at night, which is pretty much the best part," says Collective Retreats senior vice president of hospitality Vanessa Vitale.
Collective Retreats prides itself on the fact that even before the pandemic, the property was socially distanced.
"We have spaced out tents for privacy reasons that you can really feel part of a group, but still far enough away to have your own time and your own connection with your significant other, your family, your friends. So, we're built that way back in 2018, and we've carried that way through," Vitale says.
The retreat is complete with a full restaurant that's also open to the public.
"We have really anything that you need, just need a backpack and an overnight bag," Vitale says.