Cruelly chained dog arrives at JFK Int'l Airport, finds a new home

A new family is taking in a dog who went viral on South Korean social media when heartbreaking images circulated the internet.

News 12 Staff

Apr 18, 2022, 9:44 PM

Updated 790 days ago


A new family is taking in a dog who went viral on South Korean social media when heartbreaking images circulated the internet.  
Azadeh Rahmani and Farzad Seihoun endured the long process of adoption overseas before meeting their new family member, Kola.  
In South Korea, there was a graphic picture of Kola released that went viral on social media.  
News 12 is told that he spent most of his life without a roof over his head, on a short chain that didn’t allow him to sit properly and wasn’t long enough for him to access his food.  
Kola’s initial owner was said to be raising him to be a hunting dog or for his meat.  
News 12 is told by Jindo Love’s Rescue Center, which helped bring in Kola, that his owner refused to give the dog up after the photos went viral in January but named a price and eventually gave in to the pressure.  
Kola’s new owners emphasized the importance of how complete Kola now makes their family.  
He now has a new mom, dad and brother, Tonka. The family tells News 12 that Kola is filled with love, energy and fun.  

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