Families protest against police brutality in Dumbo

Families protest against police brutality in Dumbo

Dozens of families in Dumbo came together Sunday to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Protesters met on the corner of Washington and Water Street with signs to call for justice for Breonna Taylor and other black Americans killed by officers.

Many came as families with kids, bearing signs saying Black Lives Matter. Some signs had drawings of Breonna Taylor.
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Some in the group were white families who say they didn't want to stand by silently while others suffered. They also say they felt it’s vital for their kids to see them taking a stand.

Desira Barnes, an organizer of the protest, says it is important for her to be part of this demonstration in the neighborhood where she works.

"Our goal is to bring more attention to black lives and what’s going on, and in Dumbo, I am a woman of color and I am not highly represented here but I have a business here and it's important for me to be represented where I work," she says.

The protest started at Dumbo and proceeded into Brooklyn Bridge Park. This is the 18th day of protests across the city.
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