Firefighter's book recounts events that brought him back to NY right ahead of 9/11 attacks

As the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks approaches, a retired FDNY firefighter is sharing his experiences that brought him back to New York right before the attacks in a new book. 
Jerry Sanford says an antique helmet he found across the country landed him back in New York just days before the attacks--changing his life in ways he says he never could have known. 
Sanford had worked with the FDNY for 29 years, then later moved to Naples, Florida to begin working for a new firehouse. 
To his surprise, he says he discovered an antique fire helmet belonging to Ladder 42 in the Bronx. In an effort to return the helmet back to its home, he planned a ceremony on Sept. 10, 2001, just one day before the Twin Towers fell. 
As the world changed overnight, Sandford says he sprang into action in New York to help the FDNY. 
He says most of those who attended his ceremony the day prior lost their lives at ground zero. 
His new book “It All Started With A Helmet” details his experience and how he continues to commemorate Sept. 11 all of these years later. 
Sanford says his goal is to educate Americans. The book was published a few months ago and is now available to be purchased.