GameStop shares continue to increase after surging 27% Tuesday

Bitcoin is trading at $55,000 today following a surge on Tuesday

News 12 Staff

Mar 10, 2021, 2:40 PM

Updated 1,220 days ago


  •  Bitcoin is trading at $55,000 today following a surge on Tuesday. Its value has now surpassed $1 trillion. This comes as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced he will convert the proceeds from his digital auction to Bitcoin for charity. Dorsey is selling his first-ever tweet as a non-fungible token, which is basically a unique piece of digital information.
  • GameStop is continuing its winning streak with shares increasing again Wednesday. Chewy’s Ryan Cohen was hired to lead the company’s e-commerce push earlier in the week. Shares of the retailer jumped 27% Tuesday.
  • A Silicon Valley security startup reportedly faced a security breach Tuesday. The breach could have affected 150,000 security cameras in Tesla factories, along with U.S. jails, gyms and schools. Bloomberg reports that the hack was intended to expose security holes & reveal how easy it is to hack the system. The startup is investigating the scale and scope of the potential issue.

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