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Gov. Cuomo's lawyers challenge AG's report, refute sexual harassment allegations

Cuomo's attorney Rita Glavin blasted the attorney general's report, which was released Tuesday.

News 12 Staff

Aug 7, 2021, 12:15 AM

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Lawyers for Gov. Andrew Cuomo spoke publicly Friday, challenging state Attorney General Letitia James' investigation and refuting the sexual harassment allegations.
Cuomo's attorney Rita Glavin blasted the attorney general's report, which was released Tuesday. The report concluded that sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo by 11 women were credible. The most serious allegation involves a woman only being identified as Executive Assistant #1, who according to the report had her breast groped by the governor in the Executive Mansion.
"This woman's report that is stated as fact in the report is false," says Glavin. "The documentary evidence does not support what she said."
The woman filed a criminal complaint against Cuomo Friday.
Glavin went on to say that the investigation was conducted in a manor to support a predetermined narrative.
"There are contrary facts and ommissions from that report and you have to ask yourselves, why?" says Glavin.
Accuser Lindsey Boylan tweeted out, "We will not be intimidated."
Defense attorney Bruce Barket says the accusation fits the definition of sex abuse -- a Class D felony, which carries up to seven years in prison.
Barket says the other allegations would be misdemeanors.
"I think it's pretty clear that there's sufficient evidence right now to arrest him for either the felony or misdemeanors," says Barket. "If it was anybody else, he'd be arrested right now."
Barket says Cuomo's legal team should be focused on the more serious accusation.
"You get indicted for a felony, you're playing Russian roulette with the criminal justice system," says Barket. "You get convicted you're going to state prison. He would go to state prison and be next to Harvey Weinstein."

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