'It is definitely creating a buzz.' Student launches new business funded by Wakefield school

The Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship's (ASE) Boss Up program helped make this student's dream a reality.

Elly Morillo

Jun 13, 2024, 2:27 AM

Updated 32 days ago


It's a passion that started all the way back at home in Jamaica for sophomore Javon Chin. Chin is now the creator behind his business Kultrin, building unique computers from scratch.
"The first assumption people had was that it was a printer. When I first started building it, the first thing that was going through my mind is aesthetics. I wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing. I wanted to look presentable because I had a low budget," said Chin.
The Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship's (ASE) Boss Up program made it happen. Their goal is to educate students on financial literacy and at the end of the course, if the student's presentation passes the test, they receive $500 in funding to further their business.
"At my home country, I was not able to have like all this exposure as I am in America. So I would like to go back to my native country and show them and give them all the experience that I've been lacking," said Chin.
"Mild-mannered scholar, works really hard, very introspective... he internalizes a lot of things and he thinks through it and makes decisions based on that thought process," said ASE Principal Zenobia White-DaCruz.

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