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Johnson & Johnson seeking emergency use authorization for its 1-dose COVID-19 vaccine

Another vaccine could be making it onto the distribution line to give the public a third option against the coronavirus.

News 12 Staff

Feb 5, 2021, 10:53 PM

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Another vaccine could be making it onto the distribution line to give the public a third option against the coronavirus. 
Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson is now seeking emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration for its one-dose vaccine. 
Dr. Amesh Adalja is an infectious disease expert at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. 
He says if Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine gets the FDA approval, it could be a game changer in the search for a cure. 
“The more vaccines we have the better because it gives us more options, more capacity,” said Dr. Adalja. 
He says it’s important to get shots in the arms of more people nationwide, particularly those in vulnerable populations and communities of color that have higher numbers of COVID cases. 
“The quicker we can get people to vaccinate, especially the vulnerable population so they are not at risk of being hospitalized with COVID-19 or dying of COVID-19, the pressure lift on hospitals and then will start to see some benefits of this vaccine and the perception will change because of these vaccines is the way we get out of this,” said Dr. Adalja. 
Data from Johnson & Johnson’s clinical trial show that its first dose vaccine is 66% effective against the coronavirus. According to data, it also helps prevent hospitalizations. 
They say this can be compared to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which are proven to be more than 94% effective after second doses.
Experts say with more vaccine options on the market, it will help speed up distribution as well as make it easier for people to get vaccinated. 
They say the ultimate goal is for mass immunity. 
Meanwhile, scientists say they are keeping a close eye on virus mutations that are more contagious than the original COVID-19. 
At a White House briefing Friday, Dr. Anthony Fauci urged the public to continue to follow COVID safety guidelines to help reduce the spread of the more contagious variant. 
“Virus will not evolve and will not mutate if you don't give them an open playing field to multiply in a rapid fashion,” said Dr. Fauci. 
The FDA is expected to meet in three weeks to review Johnson & Johnson’s application for emergency use authorization.

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