Journey through Brooklyn's past in the Newtown Creek Nature Walk

With warmer weather on the horizon and the flowers in full bloom, it's time to get outside!

News 12 Staff

May 18, 2023, 4:12 PM

Updated 432 days ago


Tucked away in Greenpoint along Newtown Creek and Whale Creek is Newtown Creek Nature Walk, a self-guided nature walk.
Public design director Alicia West says it's a popular destination for jogs, walks, waterfront views and more. It isn't just a trail, however. It's also a public art space.
"We brought in an artist, and his vision was about creating a publicly accessible waterfront that talks about the history of the neighborhood," says West.
The trail was designed by environmental sculptor George Trakas.
Visitors are greeted by a quick lesson in history, with each step leading to the city's skyline and the city's largest wastewater treatment plant.
The Department of Environmental Protection says the goal is to educate all those who pass through on the history of the plant and the ground the trail sits on.
The half-mile loop was completed in 2021, but the idea came to light in the 90s. Now, it serves as a gathering spot and an escape from the bustling city.
The trail is open from dawn to dusk and can be entered off of Kingsland Avenue.

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